Cat Spitting Mad

Letto da: Susan Boyce
Durata: 7 ore e 59 min
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Sintesi dell'editore

While Joe Grey has played tricks on Max Harper, Molena Point's head lawman, he's never had anything but respect for the dedicated sheriff. Now Harper's in trouble, suspected of murdering two friends, and the only witness, a young girl named Dillon, has disappeared. Both Dulcie and Joe know Harper is innocent, and Joe is hissing to prove it - and find Dillon. Their sleuthing, however, is hampered by something soft and small - their new "ward," a vivacious kitten whose curiosity could get them all killed. With backs up and claws bared, Dulcie and a spitting mad Joe must use all their cleverness and amazing talents not only to find a killer, save a little girl, and clear their friend's name - but keep their secret safe, too.

©2009 Shirley Rousseau Murphy (P)2013 AudioGO

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  • Sandie Herron
  • 18/04/2019

An extraordinary tail

Joe Grey and Dulcie are fed well at home in Molena Point, California, but they still enjoy the thrill and taste of the hunt. Joe Grey and Dulcie are sentient cats. Each obtained their abilities to speak, read, and understand human language when the ancient Celtic myths were made known to them. The cats and their humans’ lives are never the same again.

Max Harper, captain of the Molena Point Police Department, enjoys horseback riding. When Dillon asks Max if he would teach her to ride, he agrees, but only if the mother and daughter of a family he sometimes rode with also went along. He is worried about how it might look to others having a single man and a 13-year-old girl out alone. He is also concerned when the four ride on a Saturday morning with three escaped convicts at large following their breakout from San Quentin.

Kit is also a speaking cat, but she is used to her feral ways and is finding it hard to adjust to living with humans without giving up her freedom to roam. Kit is going to live with Lucinda and Pedric Greenlaw but not until they have traveled in their RV since Kit becomes violently ill riding in it. The Greenlaws will travel now, before their health is compromised by old age, and Kit will wait for their return, living with Dulcie at Wilma’s house.

It is no surprise to Joe Grey and Dulcie when Kit runs off for days. They finally decide to go looking for her rather than worrying, Therefore, Joe Grey and Dulcie are out in the hills when they hear a woman scream, and then another. Kit hears the screams, too. The three cats converge on a bloody scene finding Captain Harper’s riding mates, both the mother and daughter, dead with their throats slashed. Dillon is missing although her horse returned home with a broken and empty saddle. With no human witnesses as to his movement Saturday afternoon, Max is accused of murder and kidnapping.

Joe Grey has passed along a number of clues from various investigations to Captain Harper, and he trusts Max implicitly. Now some lowlife has accused Max of some indecency on his horseback rides with Dillon, especially since she is missing. Joe is livid. He must investigate this allegation and the
murders and save Max Harper’s life and his reputation.

The Molena Point community joins together to find Dillon and to discover who killed the two women. The good people of this little town impress me throughout many mysteries with how well they work as a team while still allowing for individuality. Shirley Rousseau Murphy builds on this premise during the many situations that arise. She expertly weaves their lives, passions, and beliefs together to give us stories to enjoy on our Saturday afternoons or whenever we want to be transported to a fictional haven. She has written an extraordinary story, which Susan Boyce expounds on with her narration. A highly recommended mystery.

  • Generale
    5 out of 5 stars
  • Lettura
    5 out of 5 stars
  • Storia
    5 out of 5 stars
  • Frances E. Greer, Jr.
  • 15/12/2018

A Terrific Read!

I couldn't stop listening to this exciting, fast-paced story around Joe, the clever grey cat. The cat personalities are beautifully developed (as are the human ones!) and remind me that my four rescue cats have marvelously different personalities that contribute different features to our own family's makeup. There's just enough mystery, just enough romance, just enough tension, to keep the plot well-paced. I cannot wait to download the next Joe Grey title!