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Based on actual events.

Yes, you read correctly. This audiobook story is based on actual events. My name is Guy Johnson. I'm a black British man of Ghanaian heritage. This audiobook tells of my first gay experience, an interracial one. It recounts the true story of how I was seduced and buggered by a spoilt rich millionaire that I didn't even like to begin with. It is very graphic and includes every detail, and I mean every detail, however sexually explicit. I know that you will enjoy listening to it and will be thoroughly turned on. Positive reviews always appreciated.

Caution: Not for those with delicate constitutions or weak hearts. If you're on the fence about being gay or bisexual, then this will push you over the edge. You have been warned!

Warning: This audiobook contains graphic descriptions of very hardcore, explicit, and graphic sexual activity. This includes vivid descriptions of oral sex between me and another man, bareback anal sex, descriptions of ejaculation, and many more hedonistic acts that are too graphic to include in this description.

This short story is suitable for those aged 18+ only - not for minors!

Announcement: Hi there, fantastic listener. My publisher, Empyrion Media, only publishes books by authors who write about their own genuine sexual experiences, so fake authors or armchair erotica fantasists will not bear the Empyrion Media emblem stamp of "100 Per Cent Real Sex" that can be found on all Empyrion Media titles, including my own.

Would you like to indulge yourself in more real-life erotica from authors who write about their own real-life sexual experiences? Well, then type in "Empyrion Media" in the search bar to get more sexually explicit titles from my publisher, Empyrion Media. Now, please enjoy!

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