• Breakout

  • Pioneers of the Future, Prison Guards of the Past, and the Epic Battle That Will Decide America's Fate
  • Di: Newt Gingrich
  • Letto da: David Cochran Heath
  • Durata: 7 ore e 46 min
  • Versione integrale Audiolibro
  • Data di pubblicazione: 04/11/2013
  • Lingua: Inglese
  • Editore: Blackstone Audio, Inc.
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Sintesi dell'editore

Best-selling author Newt Gingrich proposes a bold vision ofthe future: America is on the cusp of a renaissance, a new birth of technological and scientific innovation that will dramatically transform the prosperity and quality of life of every American. Our biggest enemy? Special interest groups, powerful lobbyists, and government bureaucrats who aredetermined to squash, control, or prevent these innovations - and permanently change the future of America. These are the enemies of the future - powerful forces determined to prevent the enormous benefits that American ingenuity will bring.

In his groundbreaking new book, Breakout, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich sketches America's future, brimming withpossibilities and prosperity. Despite big government regulation and taxation, despite special interest groups and lobbyists, American entrepreneurs, innovators, engineers, and scientists are still abundantly creative and productive.

Gingrich describes the top technologies that promise to change theway we live and prosper, including 3D printing, driverless cars, breakthroughs in genetics and medicine, unprecedented and ever-growing Internet connectivity,and the new "app store" model of business development.

Will big government, whacky extremists, and powerful lobbyists stop these innovations? They will try - with punitive taxes, stiflingregulation, and hopelessly outdated policies. Will Americans allow it? Newt Gingrich sounds the rallying cry to make sure we defeat the enemies of the future.

©2013 Newt Gingrich; 2013 Blackstone Audio

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  • Robert
  • 26/03/2017

Tomorrow's Technology - here today and possibly st

What did you love best about Breakout?

Great examples of how our regulations (and over-regulation) is our of touch with technology and in many cases trying to preserve the status quo.

Which scene was your favorite?

The section on 3-D medical printing and FDA regulations was a good example.

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  • Coramdeo540
  • 29/05/2015

We seem to laugh at those with Intelligent Ideas This is a must Read!

There are now two books I commend to the person who wants to understand Conservative principles, The first to be read is Conscience of a Conservative by the late Senator Barry Goldwater and now next Breakout By former Speaker Newt Gingrich!

What did I like about the book? Everything, from changing our broken prison system, to updating our Education system, to fixing our Space Program
This nation took a wrong turn in 1964 by rejecting Senator Goldwater, we made huge Mistakes by not taking seriously the candidacies of Pat Buchanan & Steve Forbes and in 2012 allowing Mit Romney to sneer at Newt Gingrich.
Read Conscience Of A Conservative and ask yourself are these not the problems America faces today , then read Breakout and ask yourself are these not the practical solutions? They are!

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