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A Shattered Mind

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Twelve-year-old Dauna found herself sitting on a stool in the middle of a dilapidated barn. The cold metal of a gun was pressed against her temple. "You have a choice. Have sex with each man here. If you refuse...we will put this gun to your head and pull the trigger." Dauna did not know if she would survive this game of Russian roulette. Either way, she would lose. If the gun did not kill her, the repeated rapes by the men surrounding her could very well kill her spirit.

Imagine a world where your very first memories are of sexual abuse, where molestation and rape are a childhood norm, and where your own family members do not protect you, but instead are the source of your torment. For Dauna Cole, this nightmare was reality.

A Shattered Mind is her story of survival through horrific abuse and of her lifelong struggle to overcome the psychological and emotional aftermath. After being removed from her home by Child Services, Dauna thought her suffering was over, but it was just beginning as she worked to put the fractured memories of the past and the pieces of herself back together again.

©2010 Dauna Cole (P)2010 Tate

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