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Sintesi dell'editore

Mary, unloved and selfish, finds friendship and happiness helping her neurotic, invalid cousin become strong and healthy. Nature's powerful magic touches both children as they toil to revive their secret garden. The story alludes to some very modern themes including the ability of mental beliefs to create health, the strength of group optimism, and the restorative power of nature.
(P)1997 by The Audio Partners Publishing Corp.

"A blend of power, beauty, vivid interest and honest goodness. Yes, if this is magic, it is good magic." (The New York Times)

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  • Laurie
  • 24 01 2006

This reading spoiled me

This is an awesome reading of this great book! It was the first of many audible books we got for the kids and the narration of this book is the gold standard by which I judge all other narrators. Each time we listen to it I am absolutely carried away from the traffic and worries of my day and I am there in the garden on a cloudy day in earliest spring looking to see if the rose canes are wick. I see the nurse smirking, feel the warmth of Mrs. Sowerby's hug and want to offer Ben Weatherstaff some hot tea. The children are as vivid as the ones in my van, but the ones behind me are quiet and listening intently.

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  • Sharon
  • 22 02 2003

5 stars for this version of

I really enjoyed listening to this audiobook. I think that the narrator does a really good job. It was nice listening to this story that mostly took place in England, read by a woman with an English accent. The narrator did a notably great job with the accents that Dicken and Martha had. I felt like the narrator was like a grandmother reading to me. I greatly recommend this audio verson of "The Secret Garden"!

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  • Benedict
  • 20 12 2004

A valuable classic for children and parents

The Secret Garden is truly a classic, written more than a hundred years ago. I think all young people and their parents should read or listen to this book and be familiar with the author?s philosophical points, which are: what you think is what you are, and will become if you are not careful; that one can examine one?s own character flaws and correct them so that life is better; and that positive thoughts and feelings bring the best result. The grandest point is that working this ?magic? with self and others can create unintended good effects a thousand miles away.

I believe the story and the points of view of Mary and Colin are important talking points between adults and children. They could be watchwords between parents and their children all the way to 18 years of age when discussing personal behavior. The reason is that Mary and Colin are objective and can be discussed as a third party instead of blame and shame between a parent and child. In the book, adults and children were polite to each other, at the last even under stress.

Is it not odd that you want a child to listen to this book and be influenced by it; and that you let a child watch smash-mouth cartoons Saturday morning and hope they will not be influenced by the astonishing violence and shallow characterizations?

I thoroughly enjoyed this Book for the Heart even though I am an adult. It is a classic on a par with Alice and Wonderland, which is another book I really like.

The reading of The Secret Garden was wonderfully done, though the sound of the characters Mary and Colin sounded authentic but made my ears arch sometimes.

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  • Kelsey
  • 23 08 2017

Amazing narrator, beautiful story

This is one of my favorite books - the story itself doesn't really need much review, it's a classic! Beautiful, uplifting story that makes you appreciate life more.

The narrator for this book is AWESOME. She is one of the best narrators I've heard so far. All of her individual voices were really well done, and her different accents were amazing. She's the kind of narrator that makes you forget that it's just one person doing all the voices. And, I really appreciate that her voice isn't shrill or nasally at all. Unfortunately that's a problem for many female narrators, and I love that her voice is so pleasant. Will definitely be looking for more books narrated by her!

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  • swimming granny
  • 17 02 2016


This book has long been a favorite of mine and my students'. I got this book for my grandchildren and ended up listening for myself!

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  • K Cunningham Eves
  • 11 07 2015

It was a wonderful story

I liked everything especially the part when Mary found The secret Garden and when she found the key

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  • Amanda
  • 21 06 2015

Beautiful story

The story is incredible! I like the narrator as well. The audio was a little scratchy sometimes though.

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  • 14 06 2015

Beautiful story

If you could sum up The Secret Garden in three words, what would they be?

Beautiful story about friendship and love of nature that the enthusiastic optimism comes not to spoil.

Did the narration match the pace of the story?

No, the quality of interpretation varies widely.

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  • Linda
  • 08 06 2015

A favorite story

This is one of my favorite classic tales. A story of a how a person can grow and change, with the strength of love behind them. The joys of childhood imagination, freedoms and fresh air, of keeping secrets.

The narrator of this story brought the world of the secret garden to life, a place you could see in your mind as you listened, a place you could go to in your imagination if you closed your eyes. She brought back the childhood joys the book speaks too.

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  • Amazon Customer
  • 05 05 2015

Beautiful story for all ages

A wonderful beautifully written story of childhood magic and the beauty of friendship. My 7 year old fell in love with it and I, a new love. Worth the credit and time it took to share it with her.