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Sintesi dell'editore

When Marilla and Matthew Cuthbert of Green Gables send for a boy orphan to help them out at their farm, they mistakenly get Anne Shirley, a feisty, independent but warm-hearted 11-year-old girl. Fortunately her sunny nature and quirky imagination win the hearts of her reluctant foster parents and everyone in the community. But not a day goes by without some memorable adventure or prank in the tragicomedy of her life. Early on she accidentally dyes her "cursed" red hair green. Later, in an effort to impress a neighbor, she bakes a cake, but with liniment instead of vanilla.

Lucy wrote that Anne is an extension of herself and represents the independent, "new" woman of the emerging 20th century. Individualistic, resourceful, and of a great humanitarian heart, she remains a great role model for girls and women today.

(P)2006 Tantor Media, Inc.

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  • David
  • 02 09 2006


I loved this book. It was so nice to be transported back to a simpler time of wholesome goodness. I am a guy and usually read sci fi or European Classics, but this was a nice change of pace. I found myself wishing I had grown up on Prince Edward Island at the turn of the twentieth century.

The narrator was perfect(especially her voice for Anne), and I found myself being lulled into another reality very easily. She is much better than the other narrators in the other versions.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone who is soulfull, be they 12 years old or 100.

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  • Astrid
  • 01 12 2007


I absolutely adored this reading of anne of green gables. it was like sharing one of my favourite childhood books with a friend. I thought the narrator was excellent- (the male characters voices pretty good which I have found difficult with other readers)- good characterisations, and the tone met the mood of the book beautifully.
Audible- when are you going to get Shelley Frazier's reading of Anne of Avonlea?!?!? PLEASE!

16 su 17 utenti hanno ritenuto utile questa recensione

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  • Kerry R.
  • 23 06 2008


I liked the reader very much. I'm a 9 year old boy and I thought the story of Anne was really cool. I wish she was a real person. The other characters in the book are great too.

13 su 14 utenti hanno ritenuto utile questa recensione

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  • Carol
  • 25 06 2011

The Best of these Narrations

Many women, having read ???the Anne books??? during adolescence, find that this delightful heroine becomes part of them. I???m one of those women, and I???ve returned to her story many times over many years, always to laugh and cry again. This is the book that started it all, and it is wonderful.

When you???ve read a great book many times, it can be daunting to find a narrator who matches your own ???vision.??? Of the unabridged versions of Anne of Green Gables available from Audible, I recommend this one. I purchased the Ruth Ann Pfimister version on CD years ago and was very disappointed. I???ve sampled some of the other versions; this is the one I like best.

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  • Julieann
  • 13 03 2010

Magical and Beautiful

I've never gotten around to reading some of the classics and this series should be a MUST on your list. Anne captured my attention the very first time she spoke. She has wonderful, amazing adventures. For all she has been through, she is incredibly resiliant, wise as only child can be and finds beauty in everything around her. I have been captivated by her world, her strength, beauty, creativity, determiniation and work ethic. Its seems that she ignites and tranforms every person, object, written work and chore into something entirely differently than merely a bothersome or commonplace thing. Even her routines bring her and her reader, comfort. Never before have I read a series where I know for sure that will get all the way through it.
Unfortunately, I can't find, "Anne of Windy Poplars," the fourth book in the series, so I will have to buy that book and read it. It wouldn't be the same to miss an entire part of her life and just move on to the next book.

I'm in my late 30's and haven't experienced this kind of joy from a book in a very long time. What an incredible talent Lucy Maud Montgomey had for shaping life into to something uncommonly beautiful.

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  • AudioAddict
  • 14 09 2013

Sweet story in a time when life was simpler

STORY - (classic) Anne of Green Gables is an easy listen and is beautifully written. It is the story of Anne, an 11-year-old orphan who is adopted and moved to the rural Canadian settlement of Avonlea. Anne is smart, very imaginative and talks too much. She finds joy and beauty in everything (except her own red hair). I suspect much of the timeless appeal of this book is Anne's loving descriptions of the countryside around Green Gables and the life she has found there.

There is not much of a plot, however. It is a very simple story of Anne's daily life from age 11 to about 16 -- going to school, making friends, etc., but it is sparked by her overactive emotions and some silly adolescent antics. There is some sadness toward the end, but the story ends on a positive note.

PERFORMANCE - Shelly Frasier does a great job with multiple characters' voices. She portrays Anne's emotions perfectly -- her pouting, her joy, whispering secrets to her best friend. A classic performance for a classic story.

OVERALL - I enjoyed this book, but I don't quite understand why it's achieved such a classic status. (I guess I like a more complex plot rather than just meandering through daily life). But it is beautifully written and performed, relaxing to hear and will make you feel good.

3 su 3 utenti hanno ritenuto utile questa recensione

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  • J. Churchill
  • 17 02 2007

Delightful change of pace

The narrator of this beautiful story is perfect. This is the type of story that will charm and delight you. You will come away with your senses aware of the passing seasons, the desire to set high ambitions and a new way of seeing the romance of the everyday. It's a lovely listen.

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  • Jefferson
  • 23 05 2011

It???s So Good to Be Alive!

For over twenty years, I have loved Anne Shirley and Marilla and Matthew Cuthbert and Avonlea and Green Gables very much! And this audiobook version read by Shelly Frasier is marvelous. Ms. Frasier adds a great deal of life to what is already a beautiful and effervescent story, making Marilla sound so dry and stern and good, Matthew so gravelly and shy and sweet, Anne so bubbly romantic and fantastically imaginative and expressively kind, and the other characters so right. To be honest, perhaps because I???ve read the book and watched the faithful Megan Follows TV adaptation, I now and then grew a little impatient with Anne???s self-absorbed stream of consciousness prattling riffs, but for the most part listening to this audiobook made me laugh and charmed and moved me.

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  • teammine
  • 27 08 2012

Just Like the Characters we Know and Love

This performance of Anne of Green Gables was equal to the story! I didn't go back and look to see when it was produced, (i.e. before or after the Megan Follows movies) but the reader seemed to reflect the voices and personalities of the actors in the movies. To me, that was a good thing, because I love the movie versions of Anne and did not have to adjust my thinking to get used to a new set of voices. Matthew and Marilla were especially well-read, but all of them were, really.

The story of Anne itself is a touching tale that makes me cry at least once every time I read / listen / watch it. Even the men of my household love this book!

3 su 4 utenti hanno ritenuto utile questa recensione

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  • April
  • 12 10 2008

Ann of Green Gables

My daughter and I were hooked on this book the entire day. We spent over four hours glued to the each word as we colored posters. I really enjoyed the narrator and appreciated her characterization of each character through the inflections in her tone of voice. I was able to visualize characters more easily because of her intonations. I highly recommend this reading and I'm looking forward to hearing part 2.

3 su 4 utenti hanno ritenuto utile questa recensione