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A statue, a coin, an old book - they look as dusty as everything else in the Faulkner Antiquarian Bookstore. But when Sam Falkner slips the coin into the statue, he's swept back to Scotland in A.D. 900 - the age of the Vikings. He must find both the statue and another coin in order to escape. It's the first journey in an adventure that will take him to ancient Egypt, World War I, even Dracula's castle...and a mystery that will end only if Sam can find his father in time - literally.
©2006 Gaillimard Jeunesse; (P)2007 Scholastic, Inc.

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  • Heather
  • 19 06 2009

great book!

This book was a lot of great fun, with an excellent story line with some mystery to it. This is one that would be great for all ages! Well worth a download!

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  • Luis
  • 30 06 2009


The book was entertaining but a little predictable but I still wanted more when it finished

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  • Kimberly
  • 20 04 2011

Great read for my 6th grader

Getting my son to read is like pulling teeth. He is not a big fan of fiction....however, because the events in this book are based on actual history, he liked it very much. The narrator was a perfect choice as well. He'd like to read more by this author.

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  • Alan D. Cohen
  • 20 06 2010

The book itself was fine BUT

This book ends in a cliffhanger. This would not be a problem if the other books were available; however they are not. You can purchase the sequels in book form but not in audio form. If you want to be left hanging by all means purchase this. For me; it was a total waste, as I don't read paper books any longer. Just Kindle and Apple, a format that these books are not available on. Oh well, a royal waste of time......

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  • Diane
  • 04 02 2014


At the start of the book I got a bit confused due to a few things happening too quickly, but it didn't take me long to sort out the confusion. The story was good. I really liked the different points in history that he went to and the great detail involved. I was impressed with the attention that was given to even the smallest details when time travelling.
The narrator did an awesome job as usual. I have yet to find a better narrator than Holter Graham. He really made the characters sizzle for me.
There are quite a few intense, edge of your seat moments in this book. I really liked it and was so anxious for the boy to find his father.
My issue with the story that made me so frustrated, and the reason why I gave 4 stars for story and overall, is the ending. I was majorly disappointed with the ending!! First thing I did was to check if there was a sequel...did not find one. The ending leaves you hanging on what I thought to be a big piece of the plot. I'm hoping the author is planning another book to pick up where this one left off so that we can get a conclusion to what was left unresolved.
Yes, I really liked this book. Hated that such a big piece was left unresolved. I can only hope it will be resolved in the future.

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  • vvitug
  • 09 01 2017

Great story

Great story and narration. Hope there is a continuation on audible books. Will look for it.

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  • flipper
  • 03 08 2016

Bad ending. No ending?

Story started slow. Was more of a history lesson than time travel story. But just as it started (finally) to get interesting, it ended. Or didn't end. 6 hours of listening without a wrap up. I purposefully look for books that are NOT in a series just for this reason.

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  • David Clark
  • 17 12 2015

Yawn ....

What was this about ? I forget . I've tried to listen to it twice . You know , to see if I just wasn't in the mood or what ? Pass .

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  • Don
  • 19 05 2015

was that it

The book was good. The ending sucked unless there is a part two. I will be looking for the next book.