• Fry's English Delight - Series 3, Episode 1: The Trial of Qwerty

  • Di: Stephen Fry
  • Letto da: Stephen Fry
  • Durata: 28 min
  • Versione originale
  • Data di pubblicazione: 01 10 2010
  • Lingua: Inglese
  • Editore: Audible Studios
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Sintesi dell'editore

The ‘Qwerty’ keyboard faces charges of conspiracy to obstruct the English language. But who was Mr. Qwerty? This is the hilarious first of episode in Season 3 of Stephen Fry's critically acclaimed Fry's English Delight.

Stephen Fry is a celebrated British actor, novelist, journalist, presenter, intellectual and wit. He has produced four novels and two volumes of autobiography, and has written for radio shows and TV. His TV credits include "Jeeves and Wooster" and "Blackadder, " and he hosted the BBC TV series "QI."

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  • Claire
  • 02 02 2016

Dr Fry, or should I call you Sir,

According to your dissertation, The Qwerty Key Board was styled to slow people down, as Remmington, yes the same company who made guns, needed to manufacture something in non-war times, made type writers whose striking keys would over lap and become entangled. On that I believe sir, you and your researchers are indeed correct.
However exactly where you came up with a Mr Qwerty Is beyond realms of falling down laughing. You see, IF as you purpose, he designed the keyboard to slow us down, isn't it a stretch of ones imagination he ALSO, just happened to include the full spelling of his name in the upper left side of the Keyboard?
Seriously, I'm begging you please read the letters on the top row, left to right. It spells QWERTY. If, as your program states, the placement of the letter T, was so important, as with all the letters, how is it his last name appears correctly spelled. Did Wikipedia fool us all? Or did he?

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  • Tim
  • 05 03 2011

More Crumbs from the Table of the Master... Pt1

Take a look at your keyboard. It is highly likely it is a QWERTY model & that that is what you have grown used to over years & years.
But did you know it could be different? That there are many other varieties of Keyboard that are better & many other types of technology light-years ahead of it?

This is the fascinating thing about this segment. Set up as a trial of the QWERTY format, it introduces the listener to all sorts of devices that have 'better ergonomics & greatly reduced key travel'.

Most interestingly there is the DVORAK keyboard, which is shown to have a totally different typing rhythm to QWERTY, but there are also greater evolutions, such as `Optimus Maximus' & `Stenographs' (which can achieve 180 words a minute - the speed of speech).

And these snippets are just the tip of the iceberg of a fascinating section.

P.S. See 'Fry's English Delight - Series 3' if you want to see the review of the full product.