Animals and Ethics

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For much of history, philosophers and religious thinkers have believed there are absolute differences between humans and all other living things. Usually, only humans have been thought capable and deserving of moral standing (either as moral agents, who are capable of acting morally, or as moral patients, who are owed moral duties).

But this view is now forcefully challenged, with many disputes or debates about the tenets that underlie it. Animal advocates argue that many animals do have some of these traits, or that the traits they don't have are irrelevant for determining moral standing. Recent discoveries also indicate that humans have much in common with at least some animals. This has led to much rethinking, and to a powerful critique of our relationships with other living creatures. The Morality in Our Age series examines the historical and philosophical background of today's most pressing moral challenges. Though a final "answer" is notoriously elusive in moral discussion, you'll develop a much better insight into the forces and principles at play on today's most serious moral issues, problems, and dilemmas.

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  • pamela
  • 11/10/2011

Very well done

Clear, enjoyable narration. Thoughtful instruction through the development of this important area of ethics.

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  • Leslie Grey McCawley
  • 14/10/2010

Pathetic narrator / important book

This poor narrator clearly did not understand the meaning of the words he was reading. It is very jarring to hear such important issues being read without comprehension, feeling or appropriate emphasis. Maybe he offered his services for free, for the sake of the animals; I hope there was a good reason why he was selected. The content is worthy of serious listening, if you can overcome the robotic aspect.