• 6 Damaging Signs of Narcissistic Abuse Syndrome

  • Transcend Mediocrity, Book 338
  • Di: J. B. Snow
  • Letto da: Gene Blake
  • Durata: 41 min
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  • Data di pubblicazione: 22 02 2018
  • Lingua: Inglese
  • Editore: JB Snow Publishing
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Sintesi dell'editore

If you have been around a narcissist for any length of time, odds are good that you are suffering from narcissistic abuse syndrome. The symptoms of narcissistic abuse syndrome can mimic many disorders, including bipolar disorder, complex PTSD, Cassandra Syndrome, Wendy Complex, borderline personality disorder, suicidal ideations, major depressive disorder, anxiety, and more.

The label doesn’t matter so much. The cause of your symptoms matters most. The narcissist is a toxic entity. Most people don’t realize it, but once you invite a narcissist in, the narcissist’s hive descends down on you. They pull you back into their nest of angry hornets, and you suffer the stings over and over from them...until you extract yourself from the hive. Some people are never able to get out alive. They are murdered, suffer suicide, or turn into a vacant, dead-eyed narcissist themselves.

This audiobook will help you to better understand what you have suffered from, what the signs are that you have suffered narcissistic abuse at the hands of others, and how you can move on with your life after the devastation.

You will never be the same after what you have gone through...but you can heal. And you can move on. Download now to hear more!

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