3 Wizard Tales

'High Moon,' 'Tell Them NAPA Sent You,' 'Wizard Jack'
Letto da: David Ossman, full cast
Durata: 47 min
Dopo 30 giorni EUR 9,99/mese

Sintesi dell'editore

Three modern tales of wizards, magic, and silliness.

"High Moon" is a Western showdown with magic and 50 meters. "Tell Them NAPA Sent You" is a story of a wizard, dwarfs, and auto parts. And in "Wizard Jack", the wizard accidently trades all the magical tomorrows for tango lessons. Featuring David Ossman and Phil Proctor of the Firesign Theatre and a full cast.

"High Moon": David Ossman, Kevin Swan, Jane Yolen, Richard Fish, Steve Perry, Kara Dalkey. Sound effects by Brian Westley. Music by David Emerson. Cover by Ken Fletcher. Recorded live at Minicon 32, March 1997, Bloomington, Minnesota.

"Tell Them NAPA Sent You": David Ossman, Michael Sheard, Windy Bowlsby, Tim Wick, Irene Ruderman, Preston Ossman, Richard Fish. Sound effects by Jerry Stearns. Music by Mike Wheaton. Recorded live at Convergence, July 2003, Bloomington.

"Wizard Jack": David Ossman, Philip Proctor, Melinda Peterson, Jane Yolen. Sound effects by Brian Westley. Music by Mike Wheaton. Recorded live at Minicon 33, March 1998, Bloomington.

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